Build A Massage Practice Fast!

Build a Successful Massage Practice
within Four Months in any Economy!!

'Eight Magic Steps' will teach you all the marketing concepts you will need to build a business in 12 to 16 weeks!

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For 15 years I have been selling my MP3, 'Build a Practice' which I now offer absolutely free, minus the eight magic steps but still filled with great ideas for building your practice!

In my new book, I have added my 'Eight  Magic Steps'  for building a successful
practice or service business within 12 to 16 weeks!

When I started my acupressure practice in 1989 there were no marketing programs or books to help you be successful in a private massage practice. So after many years of trial and error I developed a method of building business that is guaranteed to have you running a full time practice within 3 months!

You will learn many methods to promote your practice, run a successful office, and develop the mind set to stay focused and growing. Most importantly, you will develop networking
skills to bring in new clients daily!
   My book is only $19.95!

Download my 'Build A Practice' audio program  absolutely free!  Right Click:  Buildapractice.mp3

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